Q: What ages can come to the show?
A: Magic of the Night is generally suitable for ages 7 and up. All attendees are required to purchase a ticket, regardless of age. https://www.paneraiblog.com

Q: Will my child be scared?
A: We like to think of the show as “spooky” rather than scary. While the show is not bloody or gory, some of the illusions might be a bit intense for some children. The show incorporates atmospheric and theatrical effects as well as costumed characters that may upset more sensitive children.

Q: How long is the show?
A: Magic of the Night contains about 80 minutes of magical entertainment.

Q: Will the show be the same as last year?
A: No, the show changes every year. While many of the same illusions are presented each year, they are often restaged and improved from year to year. In addition, over 25% of the show is new, and improvements in scenery, lighting, and special effects are made each year.

Q: How did the show begin?
A: Magic of the Night has its roots in the traveling midnight ghost shows of the 1930s-1960s. These shows had a long history of entertaining thousands with horror-themed illusions and magical ghostly phenomena. As Stephen Knight was growing up in Milwaukee, WI during the 1990s, a local magician presented an annual Halloween show in a theatre that was reportedly haunted. When Stephen moved to Columbus a decade later, he wanted to begin a similar show using updated magical and theatrical technology. Each year, Magic of the Night adds new and improved illusions as we offer a unique and high-quality experience to audiences during the Halloween season.

Q: Do you have sponsors?
A: Not yet. In the future we will be seeking corporate partners and investors interested in bringing this unique theatrical experience to audiences across the country. Please contact us if you might be interested in partnering with Magic of the Night.